“We set out to change the universe, but we only changed ourselves.”  -from Neverlight, Nova Red

It is impossible to begin a journey and arrive at the end unchanged.  The very nature of the experiences we share on any significant journey changes our perspective, our relationship with the world and those around us.  The emotion of it, the sheer unadulterated act of living, alters us; we do not reach the end the same as we were when we began.  So it is with Neverlight.  

In their twenty year history together, creative partners Amanda and Josh Farrell have shared many journeys.  As with any life shared, they have known both joy and pain, but for Amanda and Josh, every journey always returned to an expression of their shared experience through music.  After a cancer diagnosis in 2012, it became clear that the music they made should no longer be kept hidden.  Frightening as the thoughts conjured by the word “cancer” can be, it was clear that they were not the only people to experience such a trial.  They were not alone.  Thus, they officially formed Neverlight in 2013 in an effort to share their journey and perhaps to provide a touchstone for others as they travel their own paths.  Join Neverlight as they take you with them on a journey through the pain and sorrow, the dreams and hopes, the victories and failures that we all share.  Let it change you, and find strength in the change.

Nova Red, Neverlight’s second full length album, will be released on June 23, 2017  It is a literary rollercoaster ride of dark progressive metal, and it is a distilled culmination of their journey thus far.  Feel the frustration, the anger, the loneliness, and the painful goodbye, the lust, the joy, the temptation and the final triumph.  In an effort to tell the story of Nova Red as clearly as possible, Neverlight collaborated with guest musicians Dirk Verbeuren (drums; Megadeth, ex-Soilwork), Ruben Wijga (piano, violin, synth, and FX; ex-ReVamp), and Ray Riendeau (bass; James LaBrie, ex-Halford).  The album also features performances from the Hertfordshire Chorus, and has been mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen.

Nova Red is Neverlight’s story. It is your story.  It is our story.

Neverlight is a dark progressive metal project based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Born out of the vacuum in the world of heavy, melodic music created in the early 1990s by the advent of grunge, the group drew influences from artists like Helloween, Badlands, Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmsteen to craft the basis of their sound.  As time wore on, they discovered artists that proved to be essential to their own development as musicians.  These were bands like

Evergrey, Kamelot, Epica, After Forever, and Nightwish.  They are avid fans of music, and actively seek out new techniques and perspectives to incorporate into their own unique sound.  Most recently, these include bands such as Tesseract, Pain of Salvation (newly discovered for them) and Earthside.   Neverlight is also very influenced by gothic and contemporary literature from the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and Neil Gaiman.  They draw on all of these to craft a sound that is at once engaging, imaginative, intelligent, and melodic.



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