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Hey, didja know?
We’re doing some cool stuff over on our Spotify profile. There are a lot of mixed feelings going around the music community about streaming services. But regardless of what the current thoughts are in the music community, services like Spotfiy are here to stay. And we think that’s a good thing, because it gives us one more way to share our music with you! It’s one more way for you to get to know us better, and for us to get to know you, too! Check out what we have in store for you!

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#MixTapeMonday – Featured Weekly Playlists

We may be dating ourselves a bit, but back in the days of cassette tapes, one of the coolest things you could do was make a tape for somebody. You took your time. You carefully chose just the right songs, in the right order, and you made a tape that showcased what you felt. A good mix tape would tell someone who you were without you ever saying a word, right? Well, the days of mix tapes may be over, but we’ve chosen to use our Spotify page to continue the fine tradition in a new way. We have started making playlists which we hope will help you get to know us just a little bit better.


Jacob Hansen, at Hansen Studios, photo by RaPix

Ultimate Jacob Hansen – This week’s feature is a HUGE playlist that features albums that were mixed by Jacob Hansen. If you don’t know, Jacob is the absolute best mixing engineer in metal, and he begins work on the new Neverlight album THIS week! Jacob is a master at his craft, and we wanted to celebrate his work and his unique sound that we know is going to elevate our new album beyond even our expectations.

A good mixing and mastering engineer can make or break a song. The ability to balance everything perfectly is a subtle art, and if it’s done right you don’t even think about it. But if it isn’t, you might hate the song and not even be able to pinpoint why! This week’s list spans a decade of Jacob’s work, and it’s over 50 hours of listening, so it’ll get you through your work week and then some! Listen carefully to the songs on this list, because if you love them, chances are Jacob is a big part of the reason why.

Monday Morning Armour – Last week’s list, and while not as long as this week’s, the songs were chosen with care. It’s a list of songs that make us feel strong. It’s music we use to arm and protect ourselves as we step into the battle that is life. This is a curated list, so put it on shuffle if you want, or don’t. Like a true mixtape, we chose the order with care, and we think you’ll like it. We appreciate your collaboration on this one, too, so if you have a song you think should be on this list, something that makes you feel unbreakable, message us or hit reply and let us know, and we’ll add it! These playlists are living collections, and we will add to them, so be sure you follow them and keep listening!

Artist’s Pick

This is another great way for you to get to know us! Here we may feature an album we are really loving at the moment or a listener playlist (ahem…this means YOU! If you have a cool playlist you’ve made on Spotify, hit reply or message us and share it! Tell us WHY you made it, and you never know, we may feature it!) These are up for two weeks at a time. For the last two weeks, it was the latest from Myrath. This week, Sonder, by Tesseract, has made it back into constant rotation, so we are featuring it. Our only complaint is that the album is too short!!

Exclusive Collaborative Content

Since you’re still hanging out with us, we hope by now you know us well enough that you know our relationship with our fans means the world to us. It’s our hope that as time goes on, we’ll be able to offer exclusive tracks you will only find on Spotify, but we want to continue to use this as a platform to hang out and share what really matters most – MUSIC!

We’ve made a few playlists, and we’ll continue to do so every week and to list our Artist’s Pick, but what we want most of all is to hear from YOU. Do you want to know what vocalists inspired Amanda, or where Josh finds inspiration for his solos? Want to know what we listened to when we were younger that shaped who we are as musicians, or what music we listen to on leg day? Or when it’s raining? Or when we are writing? Ask us, and we won’t only tell you, we’ll show you!

Better yet, want to share what music you are listening to? Do it. Talk to us, and let’s make our Spotify page a place where we can all hang out and get just what we need to face the day.

The best way to reach us is to join the Neverlight Society, our private group on Facebook, because we see everything that posts there, and we will answer you directly. (use the password Spotify when you join). We look forward to seeing you there!